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  1. Barnov Pole

    The Barnov Pole commemorates the peace treaty brokered by Alexander Barnov (featured at the totem’s pole top) in 1805. This pole was commissioned by the United States Forest Service at the local Sitka’s Tlingit leader’s request. The Barnove Pole was designed in early 1940 by George Benson; however, this pole was carved by Civilian Conservation…

  2. Sitka Sound Science Center

    Located just a few steps away from downtown Sitka and the cruise ship area, this Science Center has some unique amenities: An aquarium. A research lab. A salmon hatchery. An educational outreach center The Sitka Sound Science Center was established in 2007 when the well-known Sheldon Jackson College closed its doors. This Center’s mission is…

  3. Shore Excursions in Sitka, Alaska

    Located on the Pacific side of the islands, Sitka offers a lot of recreational areas for several outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, teeming with wildlife, or experiencing cultures that have thrived in Sitka for decades. So if you’re an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover looking for an unusual getaway in Sitka, Any…

  4. Art Galleries in Sitka Alaska

    Sitka is an island community where the arts flourish, and an ancient native culture still thrives. Sitka is deeply connected to the natural world, so it’s a place where you’ll witness wilderness and culture unite. There are venues around Sitka where artists meet. These galleries exhibit techniques and trends from the art world. Galleries allow…

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