Located just a few steps away from downtown Sitka and the cruise ship area, this Science Center has some unique amenities:

  • An aquarium.
  • A research lab.
  • A salmon hatchery.
  • An educational outreach center

The Sitka Sound Science Center was established in 2007 when the well-known Sheldon Jackson College closed its doors. This Center’s mission is to teach and spread awareness of Alaska’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through education and research. Besides working hand-in-hand with local schools, and universities, it is also a fun and unique place to visit for any nature fans. Wildlife lovers can get an up-close look at the marine wildlife that makes Alaska unique.

This aquarium is home to an 850-gallon tank that gives a glimpse to every visitor of the SSSC’s forest ecosystem and a variety of local fish species. The three large touch tanks let you feel the sea star’s spiny skin, the sea anemone’s soft tentacles, and the abalone’s coarse shell. Take a guided tour through the aquarium’s salmon hatchery to learn more about Alaska’s hatcheries history, the salmon life cycle, and the process of collecting eggs. This non-profit Center is dedicated to scientific research and education and is part of the Sheldon Jackson Campus.

During your visit, ask for a guided tour through the salmon hatchery to learn about the history of hatcheries in Alaska, the salmon lifecycle, and the process of collecting eggs. On this tour, you’ll also learn about the Center’s buildings and their historical ties.

If you want a more hands-on experience of the museum, the Behind the Scenes tour will allow you to visit areas that are not usually open to the public, while your highly trained guide will give you more information about the SSSC. You can also glimpse what it is like to run and maintain an aquarium with The Aquarium 101; you may help collect animals, clean tanks, prepare food, and feed the animals. Or you can choose Hatchery 101 and learn how salmon go from the egg to the ocean with a Fish Technician.

This non-profit science center is dedicated to scientific research, education, and spreading awareness and understanding of aquatic, marine, and terrestrial wildlife in Alaska. It is also part of the historic Sheldon Jackson Campus, a 0.5-mile walk from Harrigan Centennial Hall downtown to the Raptor Center and the Sitka National Historical Park.

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