Sheldon Jackson Museum is the oldest Alaskan Museum, and it is located on the first concrete building in the state. The Sheldon Jackson Museum’s building was placed on the National Historic Register in 1972. While the Museum’s construction may be old as some of the collection’s items, its exhibits reflect recent renovation and a dedication to professional museum standards. The Sheldon Jackson Museum’s collection has been called a jewel in the Alaska ethnographic collections crown.

This Museum was founded in 1888. It is home to an exceptional collection of Alaska Native ethnographic material from the General Agent of Education for Alaska and Presbyterian missionary, Rev. Dr. Sheldon Jackson. All of Alaska’s Native groups have artifacts on display in this Museum. Most of the almost 5,500 items were collected by the Museum’s founder. A different artifact is featured every month.

The most popular pieces include full-size kayaks, real totem poles, various baskets woven by Alaskan Tribes, a baidarka, beautifully decorated Alaskan clothing, and carved rock sculptures. These exhibitions not only help visitors better understand Alaska’s past but also help Native Alaskans remember the way they lived and their forebears.

The Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum is a nonprofit organization created in 1985. They help keep the Museum by volunteering and obtaining grant money. The Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum also brings interest to the Museum by bringing in working artists and acquiring new items that demonstrate art and culture daily to visitors. Sheldon Jackson Museum has a gift shop for you to take souvenirs from your visit home.

104 College Dr, Sitka, AK 99835 | +1 907-747-8981