Sitka is a unique town located on the Outer Coast in Southeast Alaska. Sitka’s open ocean brings waves, currents, and aquatic creatures, which create an amazing underwater world of extreme abundance and biodiversity, making it one of Alaska’s best places for water activities. This town is rich in culture and history and is perched on the rugged western edge of Baranof Island and framed with picturesque island-studded views. The location of Sitka offers a maze of wide passages and countless islands to explore, but much of this environment is only accessible by an expedition boat and kayak. No need to worry, though, as many tours offer sea and water adventures.


Alaska Travel Adventures

Paddle with your adventure partner in a two-kayak and enjoy the beautiful protected bay scenery and inlets from a natural and serene perspective. A Group of 4-6 kayaks will be led by an experienced tour guide, well versed in remarkable paddling techniques. This tour specializes in beginners. Each waterway that’ll be traveled contains unique attractions, colorful intertidal invertebrates, or eagle swooping. Alaska Travel Adventures offer tours through May-September.


Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures

Join SSOA for a guided sea kayak tour to explore “the coast less paddled.” Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures and the countless north and south passages compromise one of the most marvelous marine wilderness environments worldwide. All of it is best explored and most accessible by kayak. Sitka Sound offers various adventures and programs to match any budget, schedule, preference, and ability.


Selkie Snorkels Sitka

Through environmentally friendly and conscious snorkel tours, selkie Snorkels seeks to connect its visitors with the beautiful and colorful underwater Sitka Sound world. Selkie Snorkels provides a complete set of 7mm state-of-the-art wetsuits and snorkel gear to ensure you stay warm and comfortable while swimming. Experienced and knowledgeable guides lead visitors among the kelp forests surrounding the city of Sitka.