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  1. Barnov Pole

    The Barnov Pole commemorates the peace treaty brokered by Alexander Barnov (featured at the totem’s pole top) in 1805. This pole was commissioned by the United States Forest Service at the local Sitka’s Tlingit leader’s request. The Barnove Pole was designed in early 1940 by George Benson; however, this pole was carved by Civilian Conservation…

  2. Sitka National Historical Park

    Previously known as Indian River Park, the Sitka National Historical Park is located in Sitka, Alaska. It was redesignated as a national historical park from its former status as a national monument in 1972. The Sitka National Historical Park has sought to commemorate the Russian and Tlingit experiences in Alaska. This park preserves the site…

  3. Sitka’s Water Tours

    Sitka is a unique town located on the Outer Coast in Southeast Alaska. Sitka’s open ocean brings waves, currents, and aquatic creatures, which create an amazing underwater world of extreme abundance and biodiversity, making it one of Alaska’s best places for water activities. This town is rich in culture and history and is perched on…

  4. Julie Hughes Triathlon

    Julie Hughes was a vibrant and energetic girl from Sitka who sadly passed away in 1985 at 15. She was known for her dedication and the positive attitude that she displayed throughout her life. Her loved ones and the rest of Sitka celebrate her memory on the third Saturday in May every year with the…

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