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  1. Bayview Pub: Best Food, Local Brews & Stunning Sitka Views

    Bayview Pub, in Sitka, Alaska, is a local and tourist spot for great food, refreshing brews, and breathtaking views. Upon stepping across the hall, patrons are enveloped in the comforting embrace of the savory scents wafting from the kitchen. The staff, exuding warmth and hospitality, extends a familial welcome, fostering an ambiance where strangers quickly…

  2. Sitka’s Backdoor Cafe: Where Coffee Meets Community

    The Backdoor Cafe, located in the center of Sitka, Alaska, is not just a coffee shop. It is a comfortable retreat, a beloved meeting place, and a part of the town’s cultural heritage. Established in 1994, it has become a favorite spot for residents and tourists attracted to its inviting atmosphere and fascinating backstory. Situated…

  3. Delicious Pizzas & Cocktails at Mean Queen Sitka

    Mean Queen is a popular restaurant in Sitka, Alaska, known for its delicious thin-crust pizzas and creative New York-style cocktails. Mean Queen is located in a charming spot on 205 Harbor Drive, providing customers with a beautiful view of O’Connell Bridge and Sitka’s precious waterways. The atmosphere is a perfect combination of casual comfort and…

  4. Sitka’s Seafood Gem: Halibut Point Crab & Chowder

    Halibut Point Crab and Chowder is a seafood haven along Halibut Point Road in Sitka, Alaska. This locally owned and operated charming eatery stands as the exclusive destination in Sitka to relish the delectable flavors of freshly caught crab. The owners of this culinary gem are the Friske family, who have been deeply rooted in…

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