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  1. Sitka’s Seafood Gem: Halibut Point Crab & Chowder

    Halibut Point Crab and Chowder is a seafood haven along Halibut Point Road in Sitka, Alaska. This locally owned and operated charming eatery stands as the exclusive destination in Sitka to relish the delectable flavors of freshly caught crab. The owners of this culinary gem are the Friske family, who have been deeply rooted in…

  2. Experience Ludvig’s Bistro: Mediterranean Seafood Fusion

    Ludvig’s Bistro is a culinary gem on Katlian Street in Sitka, Alaska. Boasting over two decades of culinary excellence, this charming eatery seamlessly blends rustic Mediterranean flavors with the rich tapestry of Alaskan seafood. Ludvig’s Bistro has become synonymous with a diverse menu that skillfully marries the warmth of Mediterranean cuisine with the freshness of…

  3. Delicious Experience at Home

    Food lovers, for your safety- local restaurants are open for takeout, delivery, or pick-up during this Pandemic. Fill yourself with your favorite food! Enjoy a yummy experience with this list of restaurants open here in Sitka. Highliner Coffee Are you a coffee-lover? Experience the delicious, roasted, aromatic coffee from your favorite cafe. Enjoy your coffee…

  4. Top Soup in Sitka

      Winters in Sitka can get pretty chilly, but they’re no match for a house-made soup from one of Sitka’s top restaurants. Ludvig’s, located at 256 Katlian St., even has their own “chowder wagon,” so you can always count on a sizzling hot cup or bowl of homemade goodness. They’re famous for their Ludvig’s Clam…

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