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  1. Sitka Sound Science Center

    Located just a few steps away from downtown Sitka and the cruise ship area, this Science Center has some unique amenities: An aquarium. A research lab. A salmon hatchery. An educational outreach center The Sitka Sound Science Center was established in 2007 when the well-known Sheldon Jackson College closed its doors. This Center’s mission is…

  2. Julie Hughes Triathlon

    Julie Hughes was a vibrant and energetic girl from Sitka who sadly passed away in 1985 at 15. She was known for her dedication and the positive attitude that she displayed throughout her life. Her loved ones and the rest of Sitka celebrate her memory on the third Saturday in May every year with the…

  3. Change Your Latitude

      The annual 57° North Open Water Challenge takes place August 12, and it’s an event you don’t want to miss. The Northernmost open ocean race in the country (and some people say the planet!) is a blend of a 10k, 6k, 3k, 1k open water swim in the Sitka Sound. Spectators flock to Sitka…

  4. Sitka Seafood Festival

      August means the Sitka Seafood Festival is coming to town, held August 10 – 19 for the past eight years. It’s an annual culinary celebration of Sitka’s most revered natural resource. Seafood has long been at the heart of the town’s culture, economy, and lifestyle. Hosted by the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association and Alaska…

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