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  1. Top Soup in Sitka

      Winters in Sitka can get pretty chilly, but they’re no match for a house-made soup from one of Sitka’s top restaurants. Ludvig’s, located at 256 Katlian St., even has their own “chowder wagon,” so you can always count on a sizzling hot cup or bowl of homemade goodness. They’re famous for their Ludvig’s Clam…

  2. Spend Thanksgiving in Service

      Most of Sitka closes down for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the local Salvation Army is busy serving hot meals and distributing non-perishable foods to those in need. The non-profit is a designated USDA food bank in the area, and on average over 75 meals are served in the kitchen on a daily basis. The…

  3. Pioneer Bar and Liquor Store

      Can’t decide if you’re in the mood for a night out at the local watering hole, or would prefer a bottle to enjoy in your guest room? Part bar, part liquor store and 100 percent guaranteed good time, the Pioneer Bar and Liquor Store is located right on the water and next door to…

  4. Baranof Island Brewing Company

      Indulge in local, handcrafted beer at the beloved Baranof Island Brewing Company where the taproom is open year-round. Owned by locals Rick and Suzan Baranof, the brewery was established in 2010 and quickly became a local favorite. Every batch is unfiltered in 310-gallon increments and uses pure water from nearby sources. Blended with top…

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