Located on the Pacific side of the islands, Sitka offers a lot of recreational areas for several outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, teeming with wildlife, or experiencing cultures that have thrived in Sitka for decades.

So if you’re an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover looking for an unusual getaway in Sitka, Any of these tours got you covered. These excursions offer activities like wildlife watching, guided bus tours, city sightseeing, hiking, and kayaking. Enjoy any of the following narrated terms available to discover Sitka’s significant historical places and history.

Premium Sitka Scenic Tour: Alaska Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bears, Totems!

Skip the crowded and impersonal tours with Premium Sitka Scenic Tours. Premium Sitka offers a day trip to the city’s top landmarks, with different departure times to fit the small group’s schedule. Your tour guide will take you to four highly rated spots in Sitka: The Silver Bay, a deep water fjord; the Alaska Raptor Center, to watch birds of prey and see wildlife up close; the Fortress of the Bear, a rescue facility for rescued black and brown bears, and the Sitka National Historic Park – All entrance fees are included-. You’ll also see Totem poles -like Tlingit and Haida- and a cultural center for Indigenous history at Alaska’s oldest national park. This tour is limited to a group of 10 people for a more personalized experience.

Sitka Shore Excursion: City Sightseeing Tour including Fortress of the Bear and Totem Poles

Explore Sitka’s history on this small-group excursion limited to 10 people per group. Hop on a comfortable van crossing the O’Connell Bridge to Jamposki Island. Explore the Sheldon Jackson Museum, St. Michael Cathedral, and the Alaska Pioneer Home while listening to an informative commentary on the sites provided by the tour guides. You’ll then meet the rescued bears at the Fortress of the Bear and enjoy the marvelous scenery of Sitka National Park.

This tour lets you enjoy the incredible scenery as you travel past Silver Bay, pass through some cultural highlights like the Alaska Pioneer Home, the Russian Block House, and St. Michaels Cathedral, explore Sitka’s Wildlife and culture, learn about the Salmon’s life cycle on a unique walk overlooking the Indian River, and about Sitka’s role in World War II.

Amazing Whale Watching and Marine Wildlife Shore Excursion

Get up close with Sitka’s marine wildlife on a two-hour whale watching tour this Amazin Whale Watching and Marine Wildlife Excursion provides. Limited to 5 passengers on board – a 24-foot vessel-you’re granted a unique and intimate experience. Departing from Baranof Island, keep an eye out for Gray, Minke, and Humpback Whales. Be camera ready, as you may also encounter sea lions, otters, and a wide variety of birds. This tour also offers live informational commentary during the tour.

Sitka Boat and Sea Kayaking Adventure

Discover the serene beauty of Sitka Sound by cruise and kayak on this excursion. You may spot eagles and even some whales from the comfort of a custom-built vessel. Keep an eye out for black-tailed deer and brown bears on the shoreline. Then, paddle a kayak to get closer views of the marine wildlife -like harbor seals- and the beautiful water. This unique excursion ends with a hearty warm snack -clam chowder and hot cider- before returning to the Sitka Port.