Book a trip to Sitka, Alaska and experience thrilling excursions that Alaska Shore Excursions offers. Tours by Alaska Shore Excursions will let you enjoy the most of your vacation with your loved ones while having a great adventure in the attractions of Sitka. Plan your tour today and enjoy the wildlife and cultural attractions in Sitka!

Sitka Small Group Scenic Tour

If you are having a tour with your family and friends, Sitka’s Shore Excursions offers a tour for a small group of people called the Sitka Small Group Scenic Tour. The tour allows up to 14 guests to avail of this adventure. Explore Sitka with their experienced local guides. Sitka Small Group Scenic Tour will let you experience viewing Totem Poles in Sitka as well as learning about its history.

Sitka Marine and Cultural Tour

Your exploration of Sitka will not be complete without having a tour of its marine life and learning about its culture. Sitka Marine and Cultural Tour will take you to view Sitka’s wonderful marine life while aboard the Glacier Bay Catamaran. This tour continues to bring excitement while you drive over Sitka’s O’Connell Bridge. You will enjoy the scenic view of Japonski Island. Great touring experiences await you in Sitka!

Sitka Harbor and Islands Guided Paddle Kayak Tour

These tours will be made more exciting when you get to experience thrilling activities available during each adventure. Sitka Harbor and Islands Guided Paddle Kayak Tour do not only offer a knowledgeable tour, but you will also get to experience fun activities on the water by its guided paddle kayak tour. Do not miss these adventures when you visit Sitka!


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