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  1. Discover Bev’s Flowers & Gifts: Sitka’s Floral Haven

    Step into the inviting world of Bev’s Flowers & Gifts, a beloved family-run establishment standing proudly as a cultural touchstone for Sitka and its neighboring communities. This floral haven transcends the conventional boundaries of a mere flower shop, blossoming into a welcoming community space for those who find joy in the artistry and heartfelt sentiment…

  2. Tenakee Springs

      North of Sitka is gorgeous Tenakee Springs, a tiny community of 100 people off of Chichagof Island. It’s a one-of-a-kind destination that’s wholly unique. The retreat boasts a bath house that’s a constant 106 degrees thanks to a sulfur hot mineral spring. Open for public bathing year round, it’s the ultimate getaway. Nearby are…

  3. Visit Admiralty Island

      Just east of Sitka is Admiralty Island, easily accessible by boat or prop plane. Part of the Alexander Archipelago, the island is 90 miles long and just 35 miles wide. Making up 1,646 square miles, it’s the seventh biggest island in the country. Admiralty is one of the ABC islands in Alaska and is…

  4. Journey Across the John O’Connell Bridge

      Connecting downtown Sitka and the ANB harbor to the University of Alaska district, the John O’Connell Bridge is cable-stayed and whisks you across the Sitka Channel. It’s the link between Baranof Island and Japonski Island, completed in 1971. Until then, the only way to island hop was to jump on a ferry (which is…

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