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  1. Discover Balance and Strength at Tides Yoga Studio

    Tides Yoga Studio, located at 36671 Phillips Dr in Kenai, Alaska, differs from your typical yoga studio. It’s a unique space, a blend of strength and sensuality, where traditional and contemporary yoga practices come together. The studio aims to provide a haven for balance, offering a variety of classes to meet individual needs. The vision…

  2. Swanson River

    The Swanson River is a 40-mile-long stream on the Kenai Peninsula. This river region at Gene Lake in the Swanson Lake district flows south and north to Gompertz Channel’s Number Three Bay of the Cook Inlet. Most of the river’s course lies within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and it’s lower reaches, it flows through…

  3. Skilak Lake Loop Road

    Located on the Kenai Peninsula, The Skilak Lake Loop Road is filled with spectacular views of glaciers and lakes, which makes it a unique scenic drive. This Loop Road is tucked away in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and is well-traveled by tourists and fishermen who access fishing opportunities, wildlife viewing, trails, and campgrounds. The…

  4. Old Town Kenai

    Kenai has plenty of natural wonders and wildlife, but behind its beauty lies a community full of rich history and cultural assets. If you love to learn about history and culture, This Alaskan city will surely delight you. Explore Old Town Kenai to discover its hidden gems and what made the city of Kenai the…

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