Tides Yoga Studio, located at 36671 Phillips Dr in Kenai, Alaska, differs from your typical yoga studio. It’s a unique space, a blend of strength and sensuality, where traditional and contemporary yoga practices come together. The studio aims to provide a haven for balance, offering a variety of classes to meet individual needs.

The vision behind Tides Yoga Studio was to create a boutique-style fitness space focusing on yoga and pole dance. It goes beyond being a yoga studio; it’s a thriving community where women are encouraged to embrace their inner selves and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

The studio caters to diverse preferences and skill levels with classes ranging from traditional yoga promoting balance and mindfulness to pole dance fitness enhancing strength and coordination. Tides Yoga Studio fosters a supportive environment, boosting confidence and ensuring comfort during each session. The goal is for individuals to explore their physical capabilities freely, expressing healthy sensuality with personal boundaries always respected.

Tides Yoga Studio isn’t just about physical wellness. It transcends encouragement to inspire movement, deep breathing, and radiance. The studio actively cultivates positive and empowering energy, propelling individuals toward transformation.

The pole dance boutique at Tides Yoga Studio is a proud addition, allowing members to explore the art of pole dancing—a fitness form combining strength, flexibility, and grace. Classes cater to all levels, ensuring everyone finds a suitable match for their needs. So, whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Tides Yoga Studio welcomes you to experience a transformative journey.


36671 Phillips Dr, Kenai, AK 99611 | +1 907-252-9506 | https://www.tidesyogastudio.com/