One of the biggest, most well-known events in Alaska takes place in nearby Anchorage February 23 – March 4. Just 150 miles away from Kenai, Anchorage is well worth a day trip to check out the legendary Fur Rondy. For 83 years, visitors have traveled to Anchorage from around the world to check out the renowned Running of the Reindeer (which is a lot safer than Spain’s counterpart!) and other happenings at the ten-day festival that celebrates joy and fun in the midst of winter.

What began as a three-day festival that coincided with trappers and miners coming into Anchorage for the season has grown into one of the quirkiest and most fun events in the world. At the Fur Rondy, you’ll be able to attend the Fur Auction and pick up some of the most gorgeous blankets, jackets and more for yourself or as a gift.

What to Expect

The Blanket Toss is a Rondy event from the 1950s that welcomes Native and indigenous communities to town with dancing, performances and traditional ceremonies. Next up is the Sled Dog Race where teams from around the globe flock to Anchorage to compete.

From the Rondy Carnival to the one-of-a-kind Outhouse Races, it’s non-stop fun at the Rondy. Weather permitting, it’s a beautiful drive between Kenai and Anchorage, or a very quick flight. Check out the full calendar and start planning your trip.