Get the chance to see Alaskan wildlife up close in person in this wildlife center. Kroschel Films Wildlife Center was opened by Kroschel who grew up with wild animals that are under the care of his parents. And now he opened his own wildlife center and rescues orphaned animals. If you want to visit this center, you can arrange a tour with them by calling the center directly. The tour is about two hours long, showing you several species of Alaskan wildlife.

Visit Aquila the Porcupine

Aquila the Porcupine is one of whom you will meet along the tour. This adorable porcupine is said to pose for pictures while munching on branches. And if you have the chance to pet it, just make sure to pet it in one direction, as it prefers it that way. Have fun meeting Aquila and take plenty of pictures!


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Meet Karen the Moose

Next is Karen the Moose! Karen is very cooperative, especially when it comes to carrots. So do not hesitate to bring some carrots when you visit. You can have your photos taken while feeding it and to ensure a good photo, it will take about 4-6 carrots. You can even kiss Karen too!


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Get a Glimpse of Lennox the lynx and Kitty the Grizzly Bear

Come and visit Lennox the lynx and Kitty the Bear. Animals in the center such as wolverine, lynx and foxes are not kept inside the enclosure, and they are on a harness. Lennox, the lynx is one of what you will meet in the center and Kitty the bear as well. Kitty is an 800-pound Kodiak Brown Bear that is behind the fence most of the time and she absolutely loves blueberry pie. Make sure to bring some when visiting! 


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