Have you ever kissed a moose? At Kroschel Wildlife Center, visitors can get up close and personal with some of Alaska’s most famous wildlife. Offering exclusive animal experiences, the park is just 28 miles from Haines, located on Mosquito Lake Road. You can meet, greet and often hug and kiss more than 15 different local species (don’t worry, the grizzly bears are only viewed from a distance).

A favorite place for photographers, this is where you can capture stunning images of reindeer, snowy owls, wolves, foxes and more. All animals are kept in their natural habitats, but the 600 yards of maintained trails make for an easy hike. Slip into the gift shop to find themed gifts and local artisanal delights that make perfect keepsakes and gifts.

A Wild Ride

Which animals you’ll meet depends on who’s being raised (some smaller moose are still being bottle fed!) and who’s in the mood to meet visitors. Every time you visit, you’ll experience something new. From getting a wolverine cuddle to snuggling with a wolf pup, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visitors of most ages and abilities are welcomed, and accommodations can sometimes be made for special requests. Make this visit to Haines one you’ll never forget (and create some new, furry friendships, too!).