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  1. Tinglit Park

    The City of Haines is a breathtaking scenic community filled with super-green nature areas. Every person who comes across Haines’s beauty is reminded how lucky they are to witness such beautiful scenery. While visiting Haines, Alaska, enjoy the beautiful view the city offers while taking in the numerous parks and gardens.  Most Haines parks have…

  2. Best Nature & Wildlife Tours in Haines Alaska

    Located 75 miles north of Juneau and 14 miles south of Skagway, Haines is only 45 miles from the United States-Canadian border. This city has one of the most scenic beauties, wildlife, and culture.  Being such a beautiful place, it should not be surprising the several tours available that offer you a way to get…

  3. Chilkoot River

    Located in Southeast Alaska, the Chilkoot River extends about 20 miles from its site and covers over 100 square miles of a watershed area. The source of the river is located west on the Takshanuk Mountains, the Freebee glacier, and the remaining unnamed mountains to the east. From its site, the river’s upper reach extends…

  4. Adventures in Alaska’s Rivers

    Alaska is full of wonders and it includes the scenic views of its wildlands and the state’s abundant wildlife. When you visit Haines, Alaska, you will find not only its high and beautiful mountains, but there are also rivers in Haines where you may enjoy aquatic adventures and wildlife viewing. Visit these rivers in Haines,…

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