Whether you want to check out Skagway or simply want the experience of an Alaska Ferry, a jaunt on the “fast ferry” is a must in Haines. Each trip is only 45 minutes, but it shuttles passengers between two of the most beautiful of Alaskan towns. Service is safe, comfortable and reliable with ADA-ready docks. Numerous departures leave daily, so it’s easy to explore both quaint little towns that are just 350 road-miles apart.

The ferry is for passengers only, but bikes are welcome. You can also bring kayaks, packages and pets. Smoke-free carriages ensure your comfort, and many passengers consider this ride a pleasure trip. Enjoy coffee and tea on the house, and don’t forget the camera. You’ll want to capture the views between Haines and Skagway.

Book Your Trip

Visit the official fast ferry website to book your tickets in advance (same-day passes are usually available, but for peace of mind advanced bookings are recommended). Can’t get enough of the ferry? Private charters are available! Contact the fast ferry for more information.

The ferry is the fastest way to travel between towns and, with heating and renovations, it makes for a romantic and cozy trip, too. Great for a date, tourism or group outing, make sure you get on board this Haines top-ranked activity.