The nearby Chilkoot Lake State Park is a wildlife and recreational mecca. From the crystal-clear lake to the snow-covered mountains, the river flush with salmon and the incredible culture and history of the Tlingit people, it’s a tour every visitor to Haines has to take. You might spot harbor seals, brown bears and bald eagles along with a menagerie of other local residents. Having a skilled, local guide is key to making the most of your trip.

A Chilkoot tour includes scenic drives to the Lutak Inlet and along Lynn Fjord while en route to Chilkoot State Park as your guide points out tough-to-spot wildlife sightings and incredible scenery. Lunch and entrance fees are included in all tours, making this adventure as seamless as possible.

What to Expect

There are various tour companies in Haines, and the front desk staff is happy to make recommendations or help you secure an outing. Soon, the river will be full of salmon, which tempts the brown bears to the waters. Spring is also idyllic for lush blossoms and aviary activity.

Only locals know the best, hidden spots for sightings and views. Armed with spotting scopes, you’ll be able to get a closer look than you thought imaginable, while knowledgeable guides share wildlife activity. The animals are an integral part of the local ecosystem, and watching them in their natural habitat is a delight you can’t miss.