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  1. Alyeska Slush Cup

      The third weekend in April is reserved for the Alyeska Slush Cup. Skiers come from around the world to show of the most bizarre costumes as they race down the local hills. Can they get enough speed to skid across the icy pond? Some do and some don’t—and that’s the fun of the Slush…

  2. Cannonball Snowmachine Race

      How fast can snowmachines go? As fast as a cannonball, and the annual Cannonball Snowmachine Race is about to prove it. See the vehicles race side by side and pick out who you think is going to win. Held at Beam Road every April, you’ll get up close and personal as skilled racers whip…

  3. The Rondy is Here!

      The most anticipated Anchorage event of the year has arrived. The Fur Rondy, now in its 83rd year, pays tribute to a time, place and people when entertainment was slim and those rough Alaska winters could really get to residents. It began as a three-day festival during a time when trappers and miners came…

  4. The Art of Fandom at Anchorage Museum

    From February 3 – March 28, the Art of Fandom exhibition takes over the Anchorage Museum. Suitable for all ages, you’ll discover how mass pop culture is enjoyed around the globe. Utilizing contemporary art, collectibles and pinnacles of fandom subculture, it’s the perfect option for a Valentine’s Day date, family outing or solo adventure. Here,…

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