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  1. Once In A Blue Moose

    Considered one of the oldest businesses in Alaska, Once in a Blue Mooses is a 1969 established business committed to supporting Alaskan artists and artisans. Once in a Blue Moose is a local gift shop in Anchorage that offers a wide variety of souvenirs for both locals and visitors alike. Located downtown in the 4th…

  2. Summer Solstice Festival

    The summer solstice marks the onset of summer at the time of the longest day. This solstice occurs when the earth tilts the maximum toward the sun. Therefore, the sun is at its highest point of elevation with a noontime position that changes a little bit for several days before and after the solstice. For…

  3. Are You Ready to Rondy?!

    The world-famous Fur Rendezvous Festival, also known as Fur Rondy, has been an Anchorage tradition for almost 85 years. This celebration lasts for two weeks during the midwinter season and is full of Alaskan activities. What is going to happen in a Rondy? No Fur Rondy is complete without over twenty cultural activities and about…

  4. Party Like it’s 1862 for Cinco de Mayo

      Cinco de Mayo is wildly popular in Anchorage, and it’s a celebration of the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862. However, like many Cinco de Mayo events in the U.S., there’s also a big focus on Mexican cuisine and tequila. Every year, Carnival at Tequila 61 makes a big splash…

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