Considered one of the oldest businesses in Alaska, Once in a Blue Mooses is a 1969 established business committed to supporting Alaskan artists and artisans. Once in a Blue Moose is a local gift shop in Anchorage that offers a wide variety of souvenirs for both locals and visitors alike.
Located downtown in the 4th and F corner (and a second location on 5th Avenue Mall), Once in a Blue Moose houses a fantastic selection of uniquely Alaskan quality gifts, many locally made. Once in a Blue Moose is passionate about Alaska and supports the community and local businesses.
Once in a Blue Moose is one of Anchorage’s most well-known tourist shops, which is why many big establishments, cruise ships, and hotels recommend it. Compared to standard gift shops, Once in a Blue Moose has a vast selection of Alaskan artifacts like clothes, home decor, souvenirs, knick-knack items, candy, snacks, and travel essentials.
The back of the Once in a Blue Moose store features neat handcrafted items like native crafts like grass baskets and ivory cravings. You can also find Innupiaq crafters’ items and native art. Some other Alaskan-made or designed products you can find in Once in a Blue Moose include jewelry, blankets, the shrimp calendar, handmade soap, scarves, books, and candy. | +1 907-276-2141 | 545 W 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States