The world-famous Fur Rendezvous Festival, also known as Fur Rondy, has been an Anchorage tradition for almost 85 years. This celebration lasts for two weeks during the midwinter season and is full of Alaskan activities.

What is going to happen in a Rondy?

No Fur Rondy is complete without over twenty cultural activities and about fifty wacky games fit for all ages! Some of Rondy cultural and sporting activities include:

  1. Minors and Nappers – toddlers and their families team up and join games like trapper hat making and gold panning.
  2. Dog sledding race – contests race as fast as they can to win amazing prizes.
  3. Alaska Corn Hole Championships – corn hole (popularly known as bean bag toss) is a game wherein team players toss a bag for points.

Some of its peculiar games that both children and adults can enjoy are:

  1. Blanket Toss – one person is placed on a big blanket while the rest of the teammates get to toss him/her as high as possible and the winning team is decided by the highest height their member is tossed into the air.
  2. Ice Cream and Root Beer Chugging Contest – participants who can eat ice cream and drink root beer the fastest win the game
  3. Footrace and Costume Fun Run – costume-donned racers run a 5 or 2.5-kilometer track and only the top three finishers are given awards.

When is the next Rondy?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Fur Rendezvous Festival this year is canceled and will resume on February 26, 2021.

The Anchorage Fur Rondy is a unique Alaskan festival that not only celebrates its cultural heritage, but it also delights and energizes both locals and visitors alike!