The third weekend in April is reserved for the Alyeska Slush Cup. Skiers come from around the world to show of the most bizarre costumes as they race down the local hills. Can they get enough speed to skid across the icy pond? Some do and some don’t—and that’s the fun of the Slush Cup. Hosted by Alyeska Resort, it’s close to your Anchorage hotel and the family-friendly event is always a blast.

You don’t have to be a skier to enjoy the Slush Cup. In fact, being a spectator is often just as fun. It’s very rare for any skier to make it across the pond, and for nearly 40 years it’s been a highlight of the city’s Spring Carnival. Head to the pond at 4 p.m. on Saturday to check out the biggest event of the season.

Who Wants a Slushy?

Only 50 skiers are selected to participate, but thousands turn up to watch the shenanigans. Top-ranked skiers are picked to go head to head and show off their skills. It can be a raucous and rowdy event, but it’s still family-friendly. The costumes are what really put the event over the edge, and along with beloved superheroes and magical characters, there’s always a Sarah Palin or two spotted in the crowd.

Spring is ski season in Alaska, but there’s so much more to the warmer weather. Arrive at the Slush Cup a little early for the “Idiot Swim,” where everyone is welcome to brave the icy waters and swim across the pond before the skiers zip down the hill. From face painting to reindeer hot dog vendors, it’s a wild event you don’t want to miss.