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  1. Discover Vintage Charm: Two Rusty Ravens

    Two Rusty Ravens is a hidden gem on the Sterling Highway north of Soldotna, Alaska. This family-owned establishment is more than a store; it’s a living community hub for collectors and those who revel in the allure of vintage charm. Since its establishment, Two Rusty Ravens has been a cornerstone for the community, offering a…

  2. Soldotna’s Museums

    Soldotna is an Alaskan city better known for its fishing opportunities and water activities. But this city offers much more than that; it has several parks and campgrounds like Centennial Park Campground, Soldotna Creek Park, and Swiftwater Park Campground, among others. If you’re not outdoorsy, Soldotna offers some cultural sites like the Soldotna Historical Society…

  3. Progress Days

      For over 60 years, the fourth weekend in July has been the Soldotna Progress Days celebration. The two-day music festival features parades, the best food vendors in town, and arts and crafts for the entire family. However, at the heart of the festival is the impressive lineup of performers featuring local artists and singers,…

  4. Soldotna Visitor Center

      Stop by the official visitor center in a small town like Soldotna, and you’ll get more than a plethora of free brochures and guides. It’s where you can meet local experts and get first-hand tips, recommendations and ideas on how to enjoy your adopted city like a resident. Soldotna hugs the banks of the…

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