Soldotna is an Alaskan city better known for its fishing opportunities and water activities. But this city offers much more than that; it has several parks and campgrounds like Centennial Park Campground, Soldotna Creek Park, and Swiftwater Park Campground, among others. If you’re not outdoorsy, Soldotna offers some cultural sites like the Soldotna Historical Society & Museum. Inc (Soldotna Homestead Museum) with a marvelous collection of homesteaders’ cabins scattered through the Centennial Park wooded acres. Continue reading if you’d like to get to know Soldotna’s Museums.


Soldotna Historical Society & Museum, Inc.

Today’s building houses the Soldotna Homestead Museum, which used to be Silkok Elementary School. It then became the Silkok Valley Community Club until it dissolved and became the museum we know nowadays. Damon Hall was built onto the elementary school in 1972, and the two buildings were moved separately to the current location in Centennial Park, Rad.

Since it opened its doors in 1962, the museum’s primary goal has been to preserve the homesteading heritage. It presents and preserves the past perpetually by preserving buildings and acquiring and presenting histories and collectibles. It also expands education through interpretation, display, and increased awareness.


Little Puffins Discovery Playland, LLC

It can be challenging to keep children busy, and Little Puffins are aware of that, so it’s specifically designed to uphold the family and make parenting just a bit easier. Little Puffins’ mission is to inspire every children and family to play. This museum promotes behavioral and emotional development for kids through play stations uniquely designed to improve gross motor skills and cognition. 

Little Puffin’s playland features playhouses and plays stations designed to inspire every kid. Whether serving lunch in the cafe, conducting experiments in the STEM lab, playing on the sensory table, or driving a firetruck, every kid will engage their imagination while improving their fine motor skills.