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  1. Skilak Lake

      Just shy of 15 miles long, Skilak Lake is one of the most impressive lakes on the Kenai Peninsula. It’s part of the Kenai River system and is known for its glacial runoff, which is fed by the Skilak Glacier. Driving along the lake is a favorite pastime, and the spring season offers unique…

  2. Day Trip to Anchorage’s Fur Rondy

      One of the biggest, most well-known events in Alaska takes place in nearby Anchorage February 23 – March 4. Just 150 miles away from Kenai, Anchorage is well worth a day trip to check out the legendary Fur Rondy. For 83 years, visitors have traveled to Anchorage from around the world to check out…

  3. Visit Our Lady of the Angels

      Our Lady of the Angels is a Catholic church in the heart of Kenai that welcomes visitors of all/no faiths. It’s a true hidden gem. What looks like simple and modest architecture on the outside (similar to a well-maintained small cabin), the inside is gorgeous and demands a visit. Catholicism didn’t arrive on the…

  4. Challenger Learning Center

      One of the premier children’s museums and STEM learning centers in Alaska is right in Kenai. The Challenger Learning Center was created after the devastating NASA Challenger accident. In the spirit of those on board, the Challenger Center for Space Science Education was founded. It’s a global network of centers all featuring space themes….

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