Missing the outside world and joy of adventure? Wishing this Pandemic will end soon?

These days, the joy of adventure can wait as your health should be your top priority. As you stay at home safely, why not list down all the activities you want to do here in Kenai?

Go Canoeing

The rivers and lakes in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is an excellent spot for canoeing. Enjoy paddling while savoring the breathtaking view of Kenai.


Fishing in Kenai

Kenai River is the best and well-known destination when it comes to fishing. A lot of variety of fishes like anglers, coho, sockeye, and pink salmon swimming around this area. You can’t get a great spot other than Kenai River.

Enjoy Wildlife Viewing

Where else can you go for Caribou viewing? You can enjoy watching the 4 different caribou herds in its haven here in Kenai Peninsula Caribou. You can find moose, bears, and mountain in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. At Chinita Bay, it is the best spot for bear viewing. Not only you can enjoy watching different animals but also Kenai’s marvelous terrain.

Experience Dog-Sledding

Experience the extraordinary ride and the great power, and energy of sled dogs as they take you to places. You can also enjoy mushing or cuddling the dogs and their adorable puppies.

Let’s Go Kayaking

Other than canoeing, you can go on adventurous kayaking in the lakes and rivers of Kenai. Enjoy the mountain view in the distance, the booming sound of glaciers calving, and do wildlife viewing from land to sea. Embark on a kayak and go paddling on the breathtaking Glacier Lake.

Enjoy Flight-Seeing

Have a good time watching the landscape of Kenai through aerial viewing. Hop on a helicopter and experience and enjoy the scenic view from above. Enjoy the helicopter tour and flight-seeing with your family and friends.

There are so many activities to enjoy and to do here in Kenai. After this stressful Covid-19 ends, come and visit us. But in the meantime, stay at home and stay safe while dreaming of the joy and adventurous journey in Kenai.