The Juneau Police Department (JDP) has established an official, city-wide resolution for 2017, and it’s a simple one: “Be kind.” Officially dubbed the year of kindness in a press release, the JPD encourages residents and visitors alike to actively practice kindness towards themselves, each other and the community. In Juneau, this is easy to do!

Join the Women’s March on Washington in Juneau on January 21. A networking event for women spanning all cultural, religious and political intersections, it’s a place to connect and discuss women’s issues. Meet at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center (JACC) to make signs, enjoy refreshments, and march to the local capitol for a brief rally before enjoying an afternoon of keynote speakers and sessions.

Kindness, Juneau-Style

The Governor’s Awards for the Arts and Humanities takes place January 27th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are just $25, and attendees will be treated to a performance by Crystal Worl, the Alaska Children’s Choir and more. Help celebrate contributions to the arts at the Alaska State Library and Museum in the heart of downtown.

At Champagne and Chopin on January 15th at 7 p.m., the Juneau Jazz and Classics hosts an evening of bubbly and classical performances featuring pianist William Ransom. Proceeds benefit the organization, and it promises to be an evening of magic and surprises.

From supporting organizations to offering a friendly smile, how will you ring in the year of kindness?