Many know Eaglecrest Ski Resort as the ultimate winter destination, but visiting in summer has its fair share of perks. From biking to hiking and summer projects galore, visitors don’t want to miss the amazing views and trails only accessible at Eaglecrest in the summer months. In the off-season, mountain bikers take on the Lower Nordic Trails while hikers gain access to historic Treadwell Ditch.

Whether you’re looking for a short stroll along the lower mountain or want to challenge yourself to crest Black Bear and Ptarmigan Chairs, there are trails for all abilities. Take a picnic to the meadows on the lower Nordic Trail and grab your binoculars for some excellent birding. Alaska Zipline Tours operate at Eaglecrest in the summer, and the Cycle Alaska group utilizes the area for some incredible rides.

How’s the View Up There?

Every year, various summer projects are available to volunteers. Pittman’s Ride Trail is being maintained, 2,600 feet long angling from Black Bear Chair all the way up Pittman’s Ridge and back. Eagle’s Nest had a roof replacement last year, but requires routine summer maintenance after winter storms.

Help restore Sourdough Mountain Bike Trail, including phase two which completes the trail to the top of Hooter Chair. Eaglecrest is the perfect place to explore, have an adventure and immerse yourself in the Alaskan wilderness.