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  1. Mount Juneau

    Mount Juneau is a 3,500+ foot massif located one and a half miles east of downtown Juneau, Alaska, in the Boundy Ranges. Mount Juneau is steeped in mining history. Its original name was Gold Mountain, and it was given by miners in 1881; then, it was later renamed Bald Mountain in 1896. Its current name,…

  2. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

    Located 50 miles west of Juneau, this 24 million-acre National Park contains some of the most impressive tidewater glaciers worldwide. It also has experienced four major retreats and at least four massive glacial advances; it also serves as an outdoor research lab. Glacier Bay has various plants ranging from lush temperate rain forests to recovered…

  3. Juneau Maritime Festival

    Juneau’s Maritime heritage, rich culture, and commerce are celebrated through fun and unique experiences that bring together loved ones and nations worldwide. The annual Juneau Maritime Festival is usually held the first week of May to mark the beginning of summer. If you love seafood, this festival is for you. During your time at the…

  4. Best Kayak Tours in Juneau Alaska

    Paddling beneath majestic glaciers in the world’s polar reaches is an incredible way to get a completely different perspective on our globe’s wonders. So, adventurers wanting to kayak through some of Alaska’s most breathtaking landscapes, this is for you. This guide will introduce you to some of the Top Kayaking Experiences in Juneau, Alaska.  …

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