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  1. The Rookery Cafe: Where Quality Meets Taste

    The Rookery Cafe is a culinary treasure in downtown Juneau, Alaska. This appealing spot has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists, providing a delightful combination of bistro, coffee shop, and bakery experiences. The cafe takes pride in crafting much of its menu from scratch, whether baking bread, grinding burgers in-house, or curing salmon…

  2. Juneau’s Famous Local Hangouts

    Invite your friends to hang out at the famous local hangouts in Juneau! Juneau offers a place where you can spend your leisure time during the weekends or simply in your free time on weekdays. Dine-in at these famous restaurants and hangout venues in Juneau with your friends!   The Hangar On The Wharf Spend your…

  3. Eating Out in Juneau

    Allow yourself to indulge in delicious treats that will satisfy your cravings! The locals in Juneau are also creative when it comes to making delicious and amazing treats. Find these local restaurants in Juneau and have a taste of their finest local food! Zerelda’s Bistro If you are looking for a restaurant that offers many…

  4. A Delicious Food-Trip in Juneau

    I know what you’re thinking? After this Pandemic, there are a lot of things that you wanted to do like shopping, go on traveling, go hang out with your friends and, of course, food-trip! Enjoy the delight of having a food-trip in Juneau. After this Covid-19 is over, visit these 7 restaurants here in Juneau….

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