Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies will never have a boring day in Haines, which is also known as the Adventure Capital of Alaska. Winter in the city is always commemorated through engaging in various winter sports and activities that are far from unexciting.

Winter Sports

Winter in Alaska is never complete without a variety of winter sports. Visitors have various activities to choose from: they can go heli-skiing, snow cat skiing, flightseeing, snowmobiling, sled riding and more!

Among these sports, heli-skiing and snow cat skiing are the most popular activities. Snow cat skiing is when all snowboarders would ride in a snow cab to the ski location. On the other hand, heliskiing is the off-trail and downhill snowboarding that can only be reached by a helicopter to access these remote ski locations.

Water Sports

Visitors who love water sports would want to experience kayaking, river rafting and adventure sailing in Haines’ Lynn Canal, Chilkoot Lake and the Alaskan seas. Kayaking and river rafting are the most recommended activities in the city because guests would not only enjoy the calming splashing sounds of rivers and lakes, they would also get to see Haines’ breath-taking sceneries.

Mountain and Ice Climbing

Behold the amazing view and jaw-dropping heights as you climb Haines’ mountains and glaciers. These activities are not for the faint of heart since mountain and glacier climbing experience is needed for you to conquer these difficult terrains.

For first-time climbers, it would be best to go to one of the rock-climbing gyms instead while working your way up to becoming an expert in these activities.

Haines, Alaska is the best place for thrilling and invigorating escapades you will never forget!