Explore the world’s first-ever museum dedicated to preserving the hammer’s history. The Hammer Museum portrays the complex history of this tool. This museum opened its doors to the public in 2002 and is now one of Alaska’s top tourist destinations. With more than 2,000 artifacts on display and around 8,000 more in storage, this museum presents the most extensive hammer collection in the world.

The Hammer Museum has four rooms that take you on a walk through history. From rock hammers that were used to craft the Menakure Pyramid to Native Alaskan and Native American tools that built America and carved the path to modern tool making, Shoe making railroad engineering, crab opening, and candy smashing. 2 inches to 20 feet, this museum is a uniqueness of its own

It’s impossible to miss the Hammer Museum while strolling in Haines downtown. This museum is right next to the giant hammer. The Hammer Museum started when founder Dave Pahl brought home one too many tools, and his wife suggested a new plan for its collection. So, Dave moved all his hammers out of the house to a small house of their own, hanging them between (suitable) nails. Dave knows all his collection’s pieces from tip to tip, and when it comes to hammers, you can ask him also anything. Though the Hammer Museum might have had a quick start, Dave is the go-to source for all things hammer related for museum curators around the country.

The Hammer Museum provides a unique adventure for the whole family to enjoy. With over 200 types of hammers, this museum takes you on a journey into the past through the use of the first tool. From ancient times to the this day, The Hammer Museum showcases the story of man’s progress and ingenuity. 

https://www.hammermuseum.org/ // 108 Main Street Haines AK 99827 // (907) 766-2374