Located in Haines, Alaska, the Haines Sheldon Museum displays the culture of Haines. The museum is home to over 12,000 cataloged photos and slides from the 19th century till this day, over 2,000 books about the area, over 4,000 artifacts from Chilkat Blankets to Eldered Rock lighthouse lens, and countless documents such as journals, company ledgers, letters, pamphlets, maps, ship’s logs, and research papers. Explore the Chilkat Valley’s rich culture, art, and history at this nationally accredited museum.

The Haines Sheldon Museum’s main gallery showcases how the Tingligt stronghold of Jilkaat Aani transformed into a multi-ethnic community; the rest of the museum’s presentation of artifacts, memorabilia, and clan trust property enhances the quality of life for area locals and visitors; it inspires creative artists and writers, informs researchers and historians, and encourages the Haines community pride through temporary, permanent, and traveling exhibits, and through a variety of programs for schools and the general public.

Haines Sheldon Museum is a Haines Borough’s educational institution committed to collecting, interpreting, and preserving the culture, art, history, and unique blending of the Chilkat Valley region’s cultures.

This museum is located on the original Haines Mission grounds downtown. This particular location makes the museum a picture-perfect setting that overlooks the magnificent fjord, the Lynn Canal.


Webssite | 11 Main Street, Haines, AK 99827 | (907) 766-2366