It’s the “tail” end of whale watching season in and around Haines, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the region for this incredible event you have plenty of top-ranked boat tour companies to choose from. They include:

  • Alaska Fjordlines, Inc.: The daily cruise options guarantee whale sightings during the season (including August). You’ll also be able to see different views of the Governor’s Mansion, Mendenhall Glacier, and State Capital. Visit them at or call 800-320-0146.
  • Chilkat River Adventures: Relax in this jet boat tour designed to maximize scenery as you sail alongside the Bald Eagle Preserve. Hurry, because this seasonal company shuts down for the autumn in September. Visit their website at or call 800-478-9827.
  • Chilkoot Lake Tours: More an option for freshwater wildlife viewing and fishing, it’s still well worth climbing aboard these 28-foot pontoons, complete with all the gear you need for fishing. Open through September, visit them at or call 907-314-0591.
  • Haines Skagway Fast Ferry: It’s not just a means of transportation across the 350 miles in 45 minutes, but also a fantastic and scenic way to potentially spot whales and much more. Numerous departures happen daily, and special packages are available. Visit or call 888-766-2103.
  • Kraken Charters: Whether you want a sightseeing package or fishing tour, you can customize your needs with tours starting at just four hours. The 27-foot boat has a heated cabin and private deck. Open through September, visit or call 907-515-7028.

Don’t miss one of the most exciting times of year on the water with one of these reputable, local companies.