At Aspen Hotels, you’re always treated to bottomless, gourmet Arabica coffee right in your guest room and in the lobby. However, part of the fun of visiting a new city is exploring the local coffeehouses, and Haines has an abundance of spots to warm you up. Head to Mountain Market and Café for all your essentials including snacks, treats and, of course, a rich roast that will ward off that Alaska cold.

Sarah J’s Espresso Shop is a ritual stop for residents and visitors alike. Here, you’re treated to fast, friendly service along with a strong brew. Ask about seasonal specials, or have one of Sarah’s crew members whip up something special for you.

Just Brew It

Glacial Smoothies and Espresso has something for every craving, whether you want a frosted cold brew that’s part dessert or a standard espresso or Americana to keep you revved up. Glacial is also known for their extensive tea selection and a variety of vegetarian menu options.

Chilkat Restaurant and Bakery is more restaurant than coffee shop, but plenty of café lovers come here just for that perfect cup. It pairs perfectly with their pork lumpia, pot stickers and egg rolls on the menu. Specializing in Asian cuisine but with plenty of Alaska-specific options, like deep fried halibut, you’ll find exactly what you’re craving at Chilkat!