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  1. Alpenglow Wood Fired Pizza: Taste of Haines, Alaska

    Alpenglow Wood Fired Pizza stands as a culinary haven amidst the rugged mountains and pristine seascape of Haines, Alaska. Here, the air is filled with the scent of pine and adventure, welcoming patrons to indulge in the artistry of wood-fired cooking. At the core of Alpenglow’s charm lies its rustic wooden oven, where the flames…

  2. Rusty Compass Coffeehouse: A Cozy Retreat in Haines, Alaska

    The Rusty Compass Coffeehouse is on the quiet Main Street in Haines, Alaska. It attracts both locals and tired travelers with the promise of steaming cups of coffee, delightful pastries, and an inviting atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace. Step into this rustic retreat, where time seems to slow down, and the air is…

  3. Discover Klukwan: Chilkat Indian Village Legacy

    Located along the serene banks of the Chilkat River in Southeast Alaska lies the ancient Tlingit village of Klukwan, a cultural gem known as the Chilkat Indian Village. This community has been the enduring home of the Chilkat Tlingits, a federally recognized tribe, for countless generations. The name Klukwan finds its roots in the Tlingit…

  4. Experience Haines, Alaska: Bamboo Room & Pioneer Bar

    Discover the allure of downtown Haines, Alaska, where two iconic establishments, the Bamboo Room and Pioneer Bar, have been beloved by locals and visitors alike since 1991. These venues promise an unforgettable fusion of outdoor adventure and culinary excellence. The Bamboo Room Restaurant transcends the ordinary dining experience by focusing on its specialty: delectable halibut…

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