Lions, tigers, bears! Oh YES!

Alaska is the only state with all 3 types of bears; black, grizzly, and polar bears! Here are five opportunity areas to view these mighty creatures:

1. Brooks Falls

The Katmai National Park is one of the best places in the world to view grizzly bears. You can watch one or few of these 2,200 grizzly bears in Katmai playing, fishing, or basking in the sun. Go down to Brooks River to see where the bears are most active!

2. Anan Wildlife Observatory

Located in Tongass National Forest, you can view black and grizzly bears sharing the same space, which rarely ever happens. Take a boardwalk trail a half mile to the observatory to watch bears fishing down below.

3. Sable Pass

Sable Pass gives you the chance to see bears in the high alpine. Even if you don’t spot any bears this time, there are plenty of caribou, mountain goats, and many other animals.

4. Admiralty Island

Admiralty Island has the most brown bears in North America at 1,600! Just a 30 minute float plane trip from Juneau, it will be almost impossible not to see a bear here.

5. Gates of the Arctic

In this 9.4 million acres of untouched land called the Gates of the Arctic, you can view the exclusive polar bear. In the fall, polar bears flock to the coastline to raise their cubs. You may have to take a combination of sea plane and kayak to view these rare creatures, but it will sure be worth it!

Do not miss these once in a lifetime opportunity areas to view these mighty creatures!