When is the best time to visit Anchorage?

If you love wildlife, Anchorage will be like candy-land for you. The best time to visit this lovely place depends on what you plan to explore and the activities you want to do. A unique experience is in store for you when you visit anchorage, exciting walks in a glacier encounter with a moose and visit natural parks.

We listed a few activities you can do for each season.


The temperature fluctuates between 33 – 55 °F while the evening falls below Brrrr! Freezing. You can check out the Race in March and witness the amazing sled dog races.


Some would recommend this month as the best time to visit with temperatures between 55 – 78 °F. Make sure to book your hotel ahead of time for these months! You can enjoy the Alaskan State Fair which happens in August – September. This is one of Alaska’s big 12-day event that you should not miss. Put on your walking shoes and get your tummy ready for some good food and fun experiences!


This is an exciting time in Anchorage. Temperature swings from 55 to 28 °F. Bears come out from their caves, you will see a few dozen moose in a single meadow. Fun!


Few brave travelers can explore Anchorage during its most daunting and coldest season. During November- February the temperatures drop down -4° / -9°. This is also the best time to ski, go for a flightseeing tour, view Ice Art in Fairbanks. Don’t miss Anchorage Fur Rendezvous. This festival is one of the largest winter festivals in Alaska and the most Awaited event that marks the beginning of winter.

Have you decided when to Visit Anchorage yet? Anytime you come, you have to plan for whatever may come and enjoy it!