Education, conservation, and the best animal care is the trifecta of the AWCC, located slightly southwest of downtown Anchorage and easily accessible in summer months. The AWCC is part of the reason wild bison roam free once again in Alaska, and here you’ll be able to meet and greet these four-legged residents in rehabilitation, learn more about the Alaska wildlife, and find out what the AWCC is doing to help these gorgeous creatures thrive.

Check the feeding schedule and plan your trip to watch residents, such as the birds of prey and lynx, get their daily treats. Open daily in August from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. regardless of the weather, a number of tours are available. Choose to explore on foot or in your car with a 1.5 mile loop that takes you by a number of enclosures.

Wild Things

One of a kind behind the scenes tours are available only in the summer. Join a guide for a 1.5 hour expedition where you’ll get up close and personal to a menagerie of residents. Find out what goes into caring for these animals. Groups are capped at 10, and the cost is $100 per person. It’s a discovery like no other.

Educators can find free animal-based curriculum on the website, and internships are available for those who are planning an extended stay in Anchorage. “Adopt” an animal, check out the gift shop, and find out just what makes the wildlife of Alaska so special.