Discover the culture and history of Alaska’s indigenous population at this interactive experience museum. Indigenous Alaskans are still extremely active in communities, and visitors will hear original stories told at the biggest cultural institution in the state. However, the Center (like many organizations) is closed for the winter except for one special February event.

Join the Native Heritage Center February 17 – 18 for the annual Indigenous World Film Festival. Thursday and Friday from 4:30 – 11 p.m., visitors enjoy free admission and are welcome to bring their favorite indigenous snack to share. Shops and restaurants around the city offer special, local snacks, so you’re encouraged to shop around and experiment.

The Lineup

Thursday’s events include a welcome and Eskimo Dance followed by Echoes from the Greenland Inuit. Features include Uvanga (Canadian Inuit), Ow What! (Maori, NZ), Mother’s Day Gift (Alaska Native), Kushah Hakwaan (Alaska Native) and a Q&A session with Paul Asicksik. For the closing ceremony, the Children of the Arctic perform.

Friday’s events include Better to Love (Alaska Native), Nunalleq (Alaska Native), Maina (Canadian Inuit), Harvest (Alaska Native), Ronnie Bodean (Native American), First Contact (Native American), INC’d (Maori, NZ) and a closing performance of the Canadian First Nations’ Rhyme for Young Ghouls. Get more information on the official site.