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  1. Find Your Perfect Alaskan Look at Kelsi’s Kloset

    Kelsi’s Kloset, nestled along the Sterling Highway, is not just a store but an immersive experience that embodies the rugged charm of Alaska. In this picturesque scene, majestic snow-capped peaks stand in the distance while gentle moose stroll through the nearby woods. The warm and inviting glow emanating from the boutique’s charming windows beckons you…

  2. Soldotna Wednesday Market

    The Soldotna Wednesday Market began in 2007 and has grown from 5 vendors to more than 100! In 2019, this farmers market received an aways as the Small Business of the Year and has proudly served the community and visitors for over 15 years! The Soldotna Wednesday Market is held weekly from June’s first Wednesday…

  3. Soldotna River Walk

    Located near downtown Soldotna, The Soldotna River Walk offers all Alaska river species – but most visitors come to this park for the sockeye. So that means the river walk can get crowded during peak sockeye season, but it’s also a great place to learn how to fish and catch sockeye: the hard-packed gravel, the…

  4. Soldotna Creek Park

    This beautiful 13.5-acre park is located along the Kenai River’s turquoise banks, and it is indeed the city’s community backyard or “Soldotna’s Living Room,” as locals call it. Locals and visitors alike enjoy Soldotna Creek Park’s beautiful scenery, with benches overlooking the magnificent Kenai River, boardwalks, and gravel paths. The massive Fred Meyer Pavilion accommodates…

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