Winters in Sitka can get pretty chilly, but they’re no match for a house-made soup from one of Sitka’s top restaurants. Ludvig’s, located at 256 Katlian St., even has their own “chowder wagon,” so you can always count on a sizzling hot cup or bowl of homemade goodness. They’re famous for their Ludvig’s Clam Chowder, a cream-based soup with chorizo, potatoes, clams and aromatics. Their Aigo Bouido French Garlic Soup is also divine, featuring provolone and crostini.

At the Channel Club, located at 2906 Halibut Point Rd., you can indulge in a full sandwich and their soup bar. The soup changes daily, but it all pairs wonderfully with the extensive wine menu. It’s the ideal surf-and-turf destination featuring American comfort food with plenty of local seafood options. A piping hot bowl or cup of the scratch-made soup is the ultimate starter.


Soup Me


Check out the Mean Queen at 205 Harbor Drive, a local favorite for strong drinks and pub grub. Any meal that starts with a cup of their homemade soup—which can change daily—is sure to hit the spot. You’ll find an impressive amount of seafood-based soups and chowders along with pizzas, burgers and sides like fries and chips.


Kenny’s Wok and Teriyaki satisfies your craving for East Asian soups. You’ll find it at 210 Katlian St. All lunch bowls and chef dinner specials are served with classic soups like hot and sour or egg drop and wonton options. You’ll also find egg rolls, prawn tempura, BBQ pork slices, Mongolian beef and much more.


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