Halibut Point Crab and Chowder is a seafood haven along Halibut Point Road in Sitka, Alaska. This locally owned and operated charming eatery stands as the exclusive destination in Sitka to relish the delectable flavors of freshly caught crab.

The owners of this culinary gem are the Friske family, who have been deeply rooted in the commercial salmon fishing trade since 2001. In 2013, they embraced the world of Dungeness crabbing, a venture that resonated with their love for the sea and afforded them precious family moments. Even their youngsters play a pivotal role in the family’s crabbing escapades.

Beyond the delectable dishes, the Friske family is passionate about imparting knowledge on Wild Alaskan Seafood and sustainable practices. Their distinctive live crab tank, a centerpiece of the restaurant, not only showcases the excellence of their crab but also serves as an educational tool. Witnessing patrons relish the freshness of the seafood brings them immense joy.

Halibut Point Crab and Chowder Diners are treated to a feast of flavors sourced directly from the nearby waters of Sitka. The Dungeness crab, a highlight on their menu, promises a culinary experience. Additionally, the restaurant boasts locally caught halibut and salmon, complemented by a chowder that is nothing short of amazing.

Operating in sync with the rhythm of the ocean, Halibut Point Crab and Chowder adhere to the seasonal nature of commercial crabbing. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game oversees two key crabbing seasons, from June 15 to August 15 and October 1 to December 1. The restaurant temporarily closes during the winter months when crabbing is inactive. However, patrons can still enjoy freshly caught crab from May onward, albeit only live on June 15.

Halibut Point Crab and Chowder have instituted a Customer Loyalty Program to express gratitude to its loyal clientele, inviting patrons to enroll in the Crabby Rewards program. This initiative allows customers to accumulate rewards and relish even more of the restaurant’s delightful offerings.

Halibut Point Crab and Chowder transcends the definition of a mere restaurant. It emerges as a haven where patrons savor the freshest seafood and garner insights into sustainable fishing practices. With the familial warmth of the Friske operation, this culinary establishment beckons all who find themselves in Sitka, Alaska, to partake in an authentic taste of the sea.


4513 Halibut Point Rd, Sitka, AK 99835 | +1 907-623-0744 | https://www.halibutpointcrab.com/