The Backdoor Cafe, located in the center of Sitka, Alaska, is not just a coffee shop. It is a comfortable retreat, a beloved meeting place, and a part of the town’s cultural heritage. Established in 1994, it has become a favorite spot for residents and tourists attracted to its inviting atmosphere and fascinating backstory.

Situated behind Old Harbor Books, Backdoor Cafe shares a wall with captivating literature. As patrons sip their beverages, they are enveloped by the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of shelves laden with novels, poetry collections, and travel guides. The deliberate absence of Wi-Fi fosters genuine connections, with patrons engaging in conversations rather than staring at screens.

The cafe prides itself on its simple yet satisfying menu, prioritizing traditional coffee and espresso beverages. Picture-perfect espresso shots are pulled by skilled baristas, with the crema swirling like a caramel-hued sunrise. These beverages are complemented by flaky croissants and cinnamon-dusted scones, ensuring patrons are in for a treat with each visit.

One of the Backdoor Cafe’s distinguishing features is its commitment to the local community. The walls are adorned with rotating exhibits showcasing the work of talented local artists. At the same time, the cafe regularly hosts events such as poetry readings, acoustic jam sessions, and impromptu storytelling nights. It is a vibrant hub where ideas flow freely, fostering a sense of camaraderie among patrons.

For those fortunate enough to find themselves in Sitka, the Backdoor Cafe beckons with its comforting embrace and authentic charm. Located at 104 Barracks St., it stands ready to welcome visitors with comfort and a taste of Sitka’s soul. Beyond just serving coffee, it offers an experience where stories are shared, laughter reverberates off the walls, and a lingering warmth is felt long after patrons have departed.


104 Barracks St, Sitka, AK 99835 | +1 907-747-8856 |