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  1. Veronica’s Old Town Cafe

    Nestled in the charming town of Kenai, Alaska, Veronica’s Old Town Cafe is a delightful cafeteria that resembles a quaint Russian or Polish village. The cafe’s lovely homey decor, including the popular ‘follow the yellow brick road’ sign that leads to the bathroom, adds to its cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Veronica’s Old Town Cafe is…

  2. The Grog Shop

    The Grog shops feature more than 1,500 different wines from around the world and an extensive inventory of all vintages. Among the many products The Grog Shop offers, you can also find local wines from Ring of Fire Meadery and Bear Creek Winery.    This temperature-controlled wine shop has a great selection of everything! Besides…

  3. Swanson River

    The Swanson River is a 40-mile-long stream on the Kenai Peninsula. This river region at Gene Lake in the Swanson Lake district flows south and north to Gompertz Channel’s Number Three Bay of the Cook Inlet. Most of the river’s course lies within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and it’s lower reaches, it flows through…

  4. Anchor of Hope

    A Faith Baptist Church pastor from Anchorage and a group of teens from the Valley held a rally for the community on May 12, 1956. This rally marked the beginning of the Baptist Mission in the city of Kenai. This event raised enough money to help fund the down payment ($500) on an old tool…

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