The James and Nolan Center is located in the heart of downtown Wrangell. It is a modern waterfront facility that has become a popular community gathering place since 2004. When you enter the lobby of this center, you will be amazed by its culture through its art displays that feature things from the Wrangell Museum’s collection. The facility’s detail is beyond amazing down to the replica of the Stikine River Delta that was decorated on the floor tiles.

Exhibits That Tell a Compelling Story

Aside from the abundant collection of arts and culture, what you will also see in the Wrangell Museum is the legacy of the place and its people. The Chief Shakes house posts will be the ones that you will spot the moment you enter and those house posts were carved between 1775 and 1790 and are the oldest that still exist today. You can wander through the museum gallery as well; it has several audio-visual opportunities that you should not miss. 


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Gift Shop inside the Museum

The Museum’s Gift Shop is both the entrance and exit. Its shelves are lined with books about the culture, history, nature, adventure and photography of the area. What you will also see in this gift shop are unique souvenirs and some pieces of local art that are perfect to bring with you once you are on your way home. 

Multi-purpose Facility

Civic Center is located inside the Nolan Center as it is a multi-purpose facility. The Civic Center is used for many occasions such as conventions, meetings, weddings and concerts. During weekends, the Civic Center is converted into a Nolan Center Theatre in which current movies are played for the public to see.