Being the Capital City of Alaska, Juneau is on every traveler’s dream trip. With its eccentric history and breathtaking landscapes that attract numerous tourists, the city is also a dream for hikers and trailers with over 130 miles of hiking trails. Get to experience Juneau more as you read!

Wildlife in Juneau, Alaska

Get to see up close Juneau Alaska’s humpback whales, bears, seals, eagles, porcupines, orcas and even goats on one of their wildlife tours. Witness more animals than people in this city and get to know more about them with provided pieces of information included in tours availed by. In Juneau and near Glacier Bay, whale watching tours are available.

Juneau’s the place to go for the midnight sun.

Feeling giddy and excited over something such as Alaska’s Midnight Sun? Popular as the land of the midnight sun, Juneau Alaska is the perfect place and has the perfect spot for midnight sun watching. The city itself is a perfect place to feel all cozy and comfortable, a great way to de-stress and relax. Stop by one of Juneau’s hotels for a bit of rest and have a relaxing and exciting place to stay.


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Ice-cloaked Glacial Fjord

Extremely high glaciers, spectacular mountains and pure rock walls reaching over a mile high, with waterfalls crumbling down to the emerald green waters and Alaska’s massive icebergs with its abundant wildlife and the spectacular twin Sawyer Glaciers. Learn more by taking a conducted tour by the locals and experience Juneau’s breathtaking city!