Paddling beneath majestic glaciers in the world’s polar reaches is an incredible way to get a completely different perspective on our globe’s wonders. So, adventurers wanting to kayak through some of Alaska’s most breathtaking landscapes, this is for you.

This guide will introduce you to some of the Top Kayaking Experiences in Juneau, Alaska.


Mendenhall Glacier Lake Canoe Tour By Liquid Alaska Tours

This is a 4-hour all-inclusive tour, including 2 hours of paddling around Mendenhall Lake to see its Glacier and experience the wilderness of Alaska in the Tongass National Forest, the most significant National Forest in the US. 

Guests will get pretty close to the Mendenhall Glacier as they canoe up to the Glacier and watch it from a canoe on Mendenhall Lake. 

With the help of your small crew and tour guide, you can paddle your way to a much better point of view to watch this beautiful scenery. Calm waters make this adventure ideal if it’s your first time in a canoe.


Mendenhall Glacier Canoe Paddle and Trek By Above & Beyond Alaska

Experience the famous Mendenhall Glacier by land and water on this 5/6-hour adventure tour from Juneau. Starting in a canoe at Mendenhall Lake and paddling around luminescent icebergs, past waterfalls towards the Mendenhall Glacier. Step onto the Glacier with trekking poles and explore this incredible area. No matter your paddling or glacial trekking experience level, a guide is there to prepare you for each step of the journey. 

Look for wildlife sightings and expect personalized attention on this 14 people small-group tour. Because the Glacier is constantly changing, not all features may be present or accessible.


Juneau Shore Excursion: Paddle with Whales! Kayak Adventure By Above & Beyond Alaska

Have you ever thought about kayaking with humpback whales? Well, this is now possible thanks to this tour. Hop on a small ship and travel up the Inside Passage to reach feeding grounds for whales with a small group of people. Besides the marvelous experience of kayaking with whales, you’ll be delighted with beautiful views of glaciers, forests, and snow-capped mountains during this journey.

This experience lasts 4-6 hours, but the actual Kayak Time depends on marine conditions, wildlife location, and client ability. 


Mendenhall Lake Kayak and Salmon Bake Adventure By Alaska Travel Adventures

Experience the Mendenhall Glacier and Lake on a kayak tour with a guide. This 5-hour tour provides life jackets, rain gear, and kayaking instructions, a two-person kayak, a tour on Mendenhall Lake, and of course, an all-you-can-eat salmon bake that features wild Alaska-caught salmon at the Gold Creek Salmon Bake.

After your meal, you can walk through the woods up to a campfire to roast marshmallows, stroll along Salmon Creek to a waterfall, pan for gold at the historical Wagner Mine, and get great pictures.


Juneau Shore Excursion: Exclusive Pack Creek Bear Viewing from Juneau By Above & Beyond Alaska

Visit the Pack Creek Brown Bear Viewing Area, a protected wildlife site with the world’s highest concentration of brown bears. This 3-hour tour starts with a floatplane flight over Tongass National Forest and the Inside Passage. The pilot lands 25 minutes later on Windfall Island. You’ll then receive a safety briefing for your kayaking journey through Windfall Harbor and then paddle to the mouth of Pack Creek on Admiralty Island. 

Once there, secure your kayak on shore and walk to prime viewing locations to observe grizzly and brown bears in their natural environment. When you’re done, you’ll kayak back to the floatplane site. Your shore excursion ends with van transport back to Juneau port.